Caribbean Blue Boat Charters — Living the Dream

Sisters, Christy and Amy, were in college at the University of South Carolina trying to decide what they would do upon graduation. It all began with a simple thought… “Hey, let’s take a summer vacation before we start working”.
They decided on beautiful St. Thomas where they spent the entire summer and made many friends and where Amy met her husband. But the vacation ended and they returned to the real world. After of few years living in the “real world” Christy and her husband decided to escape and they bought a boat and went island hopping throughout the Caribbean and ended up back on the rock they now call home.
The story continues…Amy joined her sister in St. Thomas and they started a charter boat company. Eager to show vacationers everything that the Caribbean has to offer they provide one day customized charters where you will experience “the best of what there is to see and do”. “Your boat, your day, your way, all the way!” is their motto.
They started their small family owned boat rental company so that they could pass on to others what they have come to love about the Virgin Islands; beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, colorful tropical fishes, coral reefs all within easy reach by boat and snorkeling.
Their recommendation, “Slow down, peeps, and breath it all in. Life is short and passes at the blink of an eye.” And “If we can offer just a glimpse of our priceless island experiences and moments then our dream continues on”. For more information, see Caribbean Blue’s ad.

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