Sea Thru Kayaks VI–The Difference Is Clear!

Sea Thru Kayaks VI--The Difference Is Clear!For the past seven years visitors and locals have become captivated by St. Croix’s only completely see through kayak tour, Sea-Thru Kayaks VI, run by longtime local Craig Scott. Come see why locals call us the “best thing on St. Croix to do after dark.”
Our island’s most special attraction is the nighttime bioluminescence tour. A visitor from Colorado likened the experience to “Avatar’s magical land of Pandora.” The clear kayaks skim over the dark water agitating bioluminescent organisms causing them to light up underneath you, engulfing the kayak. “The bioluminescence in the bay is vast and stunning and I cannot imagine using any other kayak,” said a recent visitor.
Looking for a kayak experience, unlike any other, led Craig to search the internet for a manufacturer of completely clear, see through kayaks made of the same hightech Lexan used in jet canopies which offer 70-foot visibility. These kayaks won “Coolest Invention” from Time Magazine as well as design awards from the Smithsonian Institute and The Museum of Modern Art.
Our customer list includes the leading bioluminescent scientists in the world, National Geographic magazine, American Airlines Inflight magazine, New York Times, Boston Globe and Fodor’s magazine.
Craig’s background experience as a commercial diver around the world and owner of a surf shop in Hawaii has fueled his continuing love of the ocean and the environment since the age of thirteen.
Come visit the Bioluminescent Bay at Salt River Bay, which the scientific community is now calling the ‘best bio bay in the world’ of the six known year-round bio bays. We are the only kayak tour company in the world offering bioluminescent tours in all clear kayaks. See our ad which clearly shows the difference between STKVI and our competitor’s kayaks and why we are the best choice.
When you’re ready for a totally new experience, contact us to book your tour. After a trip with Sea Thru Kayaks VI, you’ll see St. Croix in a different light!
Sea-Thru Kayaks VI

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