VI Bridal Guide: Contingency Plan

VI Bridal GuideNow that we are officially in hurricane season, weather preparedness is on everyone’s mind. As tropical storms and hurricanes begin to brew over the Atlantic Ocean, all the residents of the Virgin Islands hope for the best, but try to prepare for the worst. Although we want every hurricane season to be mild and uneventful, there is no accounting for the weather.
Having said that, how do you deal with unpredictable weather on your wedding day? I have never yet met anyone who wanted it to rain! In fact, for many couples the “R” word gets demoted to 4-letter word status during the wedding planning process. So, if you are planning your wedding in a beautiful, tropical destination such as St. Croix, know that the chance for rain is a definite possibility.
Unlike the mainland, weather systems usually pass over us rather quickly. One minute it’s raining and 5 minutes later the sky is clear again. Yet there are times when the wind dies down and a system of rain rolls in and sits right on top of the island…for hours refusing to vacate.
Although we, in the wedding industry, wish we could control the weather for the sake of the client’s experience, our equipment, and to avoid being wet and uncomfortable for hours, none of us possess such a power. However, there are things we can control such as a well-thought-out and executed ‘Plan B.’
When rain invades, the top priority is to keep the client and the guests dry. Additionally, the side goal is to make the change in plans beautiful and smooth for everyone involved.
Many of the well-established hotels and wedding planners here on island have weather contingency planning down to a science. Within this plan will be alternate dry yet visually appealing locations, vendor management procedures, transportation details and many other vital components.
It’s important that you have a weather contingency plan in place so, if the weather goes rogue, you know exactly what needs to be done if it rains on your special day and a change of plans is necessary.
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Quiana L. Adams,
Managing Editor

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