Moving to the USVI

More vacationers every year fulfill dreams of moving to “America’s Paradise.” And why not? Under the United States flag, we have a stable government and no state taxes. Our pleasant climate and nearconstant trade winds make it possible to live in shorts and sandals all year. Sandy beaches and aquamarine waters encourage an outdoor sporty lifestyle.
Beyond early impressions newcomers learn that the island has fascinating historical and cultural depth. St. Thomas and St. John are an ideal second home for some during the winter months and an attractive year-round residence for others. It is not just a retirement destination, either – thousands of young families, couples, and singles from the United States and other countries move here and feel at home in the cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Houses and condominiums are available for rent if you want to test the move first or for purchase, with good values available, even oceanfront. If you think you will be coming back for a vacation, year after year, then consider participating in a “Vacation Club” where you buy a week or more of time in a resort and you own the right to stay there for life or until you decide to sell it. Traditionally, these investments have increased in value over time.
When it comes time to take the plunge you will find professional realtors with many lovely properties or land for sale in every price range.
The Territory has an Economic Development Commission (EDC) program offering substantial financial and tax incentives for business owners who qualify. High-speed internet access now links us with the rest of the world faster than ever, making it easier to do business. Yet the island retains a relaxed pace. Everyone follows the gracious custom of greeting others with a polite “Good morning” before beginning a conversation. Holidays are celebrated – lots of them – but not over-commercialized. People say, “No problem,” and mean it. Water can be scarce during dry spells, though you can buy it by the truckload. Electricity is occasionally erratic and always expensive, so many people have generators for emergencies and make use of solar power panels to make hot water. Our flora is beautiful, but our fauna may startle you-house lizards, centipedes, and millipedes, not to mention iguanas and mongooses. When all is said and done, most of us wouldn’t live anywhere else. In this new section of the website in coming the months you’ll find people and companies who can help make your island life easier and more beautiful, so you’ll have more time to savor all the reasons you came here in the first place.

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