Virgin Islands Tax Advantages

The Virgin Islands Government has the ability to offer tax benefits to businesses doing business in the Virgin Islands. Under the mirror tax system the VI uses the US Internal Revenue Code and all the US tax forms but the taxes collected are remitted to the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue rather than the IRS. An individual who is a bona fide VI resident for the entire tax year files a VI return and pays VI tax on his worldwide income for that year. If the US citizen properly files and reports all his income from all sources on a VI tax Return and pays the VI tax, he is not subject to tax in the US. Special rules apply to determine if a person is a bona fide VI resident and if income is possessions source income. There are various tax benefit programs available to residents and businesses of the Virgin Islands through the Economic Development Program (EDC) and the University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park (RTPark). These programs offer tax credits of up to 90% of the income tax due.

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