Getting Around

Getting Around St. ThomasIn the Virgin Islands, remember stay left and you’ll always be right!
Whether renting a vehicle or simply crossing a street, it is vital to remember that traffic in the USVI always flows from the left-hand side of the road. Speed limits are 35 MPH in the country and 20 MPH in town, unless otherwise posted.
The first thing to remember is that you drive on the left-hand side of the road; the second is that it’s hard to get lost for long. This narrow emerald dot on the world map is only thirteen miles long and no point on the island is more than thirty minutes (traffic permitting) from Charlotte Amalie, the main town, which climbs picturesquely up the hills of the main harbor midway on the island’s south shore. Black and white signs are spotted along the country roads indicating route number and direction in which you are going. Our road map is keyed to these routes and also to the road names.
If you would like to do some sightseeing, our local taxi services are very knowledgable and can guide you to our many points of interest. For visitors who do not want to do their own driving, there is a large taxicab fleet. Fares are from point to point (see Taxi section), but a set fee can be arranged for a tour. “Safari” bus tours are arranged by local travel agencies.
Getting Around St. Thomas

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