Restaurants in Frenchtown

Known for its great dining, Frenchtown has lots of diversity in its restaurants’ cuisines. Know as Frenchtown because of the French population that settled there during colonial times. These French people are primarily fishermen and you will see their fishing boats lined up on the waters edge as you enter the area. Sometimes it is difficult to find a parking place. You might have to circle around a few times to find someone pulling out. Don’t park in any spaces that are obviously not marked for a business where you are not going (signs will be posted) as they will tow or boot your card and charge you $100 to get it back!

Alexander’s Bella Blue

Frenchtown, 340-774-4349
International, famous brunch

Sea La Vie

Frenchtown, 340-774-5348
French Inspired

Frenchtown Deli

Frenchtown, 340-776-7211
Serving deli food all day.

Hook, Line & Sinker

Frenchtown, 340-776-9708
Creative American and Caribbean cuisine.

Oceana Restaurant

Frenchtown, 340-774-4262
Dine in an atmosphere of Island Elegance and Romance on the Seaside Patio of an Historic Estate House. Innovative Global Cuisine….

Rum Shandy

Frenchtown, 340-775-7861
Serving sandwiches, fish, burgers, tacos.

The Pie Hole

Frenchtown, 340-642-5074
Traditional Neopolitan pies made in a brick oven.

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