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Double Header Sportfishing

Double Header Sportfishing is repeatedly voted “Best of the Virgin Islands Sportfishing Company”. What makes this operation stand out from the high level of competition?
Double Header was started over twenty years ago, when Jonathan arrived from Trinidad and introduced live bait fishing, which is the preferred Trinidadian fishing technique. Although, the company also uses lures and frozen ballyhoo; live bait increases the catch ratio when used properly.
The fleet consists of three boats which do four, six, eight or ten hour trips; inshore or offshore. If undecided when the guests board; the crew can advise them on the wind and sea conditions, and where the bite was “hot” the day before. The equipment is good quality and constantly upgraded.
The crew (six captains/mates) have been with the company for many years and exchange information and experiences which elevates the shared level of knowledge. Longevity of the team means consistency, no matter the weather conditions. They can change the baits and techniques to best suit the waves, wind and direction of the vessel several times during the trip.
Many of the crew have young families of their own and are “kid friendly”, trying to make a lifetime memory for the young and older anglers. Every day on the water is unique and you may see whale sharks, porpoises, or a rare orca whale, while bringing in the catch of the day.
Team work and knowledge have enabled them to win many of the local tournaments.

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