Meet Sylvia Brady — S.E.A.’s New Executive Director in Their 30th Year!

Meet Sylvia Brady -- S.E.A.'s New Executive Director in Their 30th Year!“I’m Sylvia Brady, the new Executive Director at St. Croix Environmental Association. What a great time to start a new career here; I am honored to be part of the legacy that is SEA. It helps that I held the position of the SEA Development Director from 2001 to 2004, which gave me the advantage of knowing the history of the organization and some of the Who’s Who.
In our 30 years of work on St. Croix we have seen many milestones and produced many new young environmental stewards. Thousands have attended our events from Turtle Watches, Eco Fairs, Summer Camps, Snorkel Clinics and Island-Wide Clean Ups all sharing in a commitment to enjoy and protect the quality of St. Croix’s beautiful environment and amazing natural resources.
SEA was formed as a grass roots organization in 1986. Our mission, then and now, is “To promote the conservation of environmental resources, provide education and advocate for environmentally responsible actions that benefit St. Croix.” We do this by creating environmental education programs for you and your children, by sponsoring fun and engaging activities, and remaining watchful in seeking compliance with local and federal environmental regulations.
Meet Sylvia Brady -- S.E.A.'s New Executive Director in Their 30th Year!Among our accomplishments over 30 years– we have planted over 30,000 trees, including about 20,000 red mangroves to restore Salt River after Hurricane Hugo in 1989, connected tens of thousands of students to the natural beauty of St. Croix, protected the Southgate Coastal Reserve and the Barren Spot Bat Tower from development, and advocated for thoughtful consideration of the environment in the legislature and in development projects.
The St. Croix Environmental Association continues to provide leadership for a healthy and sustainable environment.
We organize trips, conduct classes and keep up with current information from members. Our current education programs include Field Days, for the 2nd and 4th graders of St. Croix, in which students can spend a day experiencing coastal and forest ecosystems up close and personal. On the third Saturday of the month, from April to October, we offer free public Snorkel Clinics to anyone interested in learning to snorkel or perfecting their snorkeling technique. This program is especially rewarding because it opens up a whole new world of marine life to all ages.
We also offer regular activities such as hikes, kayak trips, stand up paddle clinics and wildlife viewing opportunities. Many of these events are listed in the St. Croix This Week Events Calendar.
In addition to our outreach and education activities, SEA owns and manages the Southgate Coastal Reserve on the northeast shore of St. Croix. Each year thousands of birds flee the cold weather up North and many of them make St. Croix their home-away-from-home, joining many of the year-round, resident birds at the Reserve. While the birds are here, we observe, count, and study them so we can best manage their island refuge. In the next year, we will be building two bird hides at Southgate from which you can quietly observe them in the wild.
Meet Sylvia Brady -- S.E.A.'s New Executive Director in Their 30th Year!It is the intent of the St. Croix Environmental Association to allow the people of St. Croix an opportunity to be involved in the island’s legacy. We partner with The Nature Conservancy, the US. Fish and Wildlife Service at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, The East End Marine Park, UVI, The National Park Service, St. George Village Botanical Garden, and more to bring you close to nature. You are welcome to join us, on this wonderful journey! Call or come in to our Gallows Bay office for more information. SEA you soon!”
St. Croix Environmental Association

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