New Home Owners — Bridging the Gap!

New Home Owners -- Bridging the Gap!By Amy Land-de-Wilde
Once you buy your St. Croix property, you start the slow dance of becoming a “Crucian” and no longer a visitor. Life is definitely different on our island paradise– slower and sweeter, taking time for life’s niceties. St. Croix is very welcoming and we want you to quickly bridge the gap between tourist and local right away! Here’s a list of the Top 10 ways you know you are becoming a Crucian!
You find yourself saying “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” and “Good Evening” to everyone you meet.
You start to find driving on the right strange.
You start using a blanket when the winter temperatures drop to the 70s.
You know most of the people around you.
You find yourself celebrating the smallest things–we love our many holidays!
You start waking up earlier and earlier because our mornings are so beautiful.
You find yourself drawn to a healthier, outdoor lifestyle. Local farms produce healthy and organic produce and meat and fish comes right out of our sea!
You no longer “need” everything immediately and develop patience for the
slower pace of life.
You put away your closed-toed shoes and trade them in for flip-flops.
You start to realize that your friends are millennials to nonagenarians. Island life lets you interact with folks and really get to know them across a wide spectrum–one of the most enriching aspects of living on St. Croix.
St. Croix accommodates a wider range of tastes and affordability than most islands. You can buy a condo on the beach for $70,000 or $1 million. Home prices range wider than that. If you are not ready to commit to a developed property but want to build your own castle (or bungalow) in paradise later, we can show you a variety of sites at good values.
Many tell us, at Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty, that they consider this an ideal time to buy, and they are right. The intersection of many positive elements for buyers– low interest rates, motivated sellers, a wide range of choices–exists right now.
Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty has something for every taste. Many of our buyers want to live on the sparkling Caribbean Sea, others prefer homes in the lush rain forest. You can reside on one of our challenging golf courses or 900 feet above sea level with outstanding panoramas. Some choose to invest in rental properties. Because we have a team devoted to property management, we can help with reservations, maintenance, income strategies and a cleaning service.
Perhaps you are delighted to return again and again as a visitor. We also welcome that! Please enjoy a tour of the lovely rental villas on our sister website, We would love to brag about our island in person and share with you the many wonderful reasons we’ve each decided to make St. Croix our home. Please call us or drop in while you are on island.
Broker Amy Land-de Wilde owns Coldwell Banker St. Croix Real Realty. She fell in love with the island on first sight and has lived here now for over 35 years.
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