Taxi Information

These taxi rates to and from the Airport and Towns were obtained from the Taxi Commission and have been approved by the VI Legislature. Look for only licensed taxis which carry a dome light and the letters TP on their license plate. Rates must be posted. Since taxis aren’t metered, confirm the rate before getting in the taxi!

Taxi Charges & Special Provisions

  • The charges to areas not listed in this schedule shall be arrived at by using the nearest place with a rate crossed to the next place ahead with a rate closest to the passenger’s destination.
  • A taxi driver, while on duty, shall not refuse any passenger unless the passenger is intoxicated and disorderly or in the possession of a pet (other than a seeing eye or service dog) that is not properly secured in a kennel. No charge for service dogs. Large kennel charge, $30., small kennel, $20.
  • Round-trip fares are double the oneway fare plus waiting charges of $1. per minute. First 5 free.
  • Radio/Phone call: the fare plus 1/3 of the basic fare.
  • Exclusive Taxi Request: pays the rate charged for 4 passengers.
  • Luggage: A flat rate of $2. Per bag is added for each passenger. The rate for items larger than 30″ x 29″ will not exceed $4.
  • Hourly Rates: Sedan/Mini Van (1-4 passengers), $40., Van (up to 14), $55., Safari (up to 25), $80. Rates for additional passengers will be negotiated between the taxi operator and passenger(s).
  • Signtseeing Tours: 1-4 passengers, $100.00, 5+ passengers, $20. each for 3-hour tour.
  • Questions or Complaints: Call the VI Taxicab Division at 340-773-2226, 8 am – 5 pm, M – F.

Taxi Services

Sweeny Tours Taxi Service 340-514-7734, 514-1594</td
Antilles Taxi Service 340-773-5020, 690-9585</td
Crucian Taxi 340-773-6388, 422-1856</td
Rudy’s Taxi & Tours 340-773-6803, 514-4600</td
St. Croix Taxi Association, Airport 340-778-1088</td

Christiansted Taxi Stands are on King Street near Government House & in Frederiksted near Ft. Frederik.

From Airport To…

1 or 2 Persons 3+ Persons
The Buccaneer $20 ($10)</td
Carambola $20 ($10)</td
Christiansted $16 ($9)</td
Cotton Valley $24 ($11)</td
Divi Carina Bay $24 ($12)</td
Frederiksted $12 ($6)</td
Green Cay $22 ($11)</td
Shoy’s $20 ($10)</td
The Palms at Pelican Cove $16 ($9)</td
Tamarind Reef Resort $21 ($11)

From Christiansted To…

1 or 2 Persons 3+ Persons
The Buccaneer. $9 ($5)
Cane Bay $24 ($11)
Carambola $30 ($12)
Divi Carina Bay $18 ($9)
Frederiksted $24 ($11)
Gallows Bay $6 ($3)
The Palms at Pelican Cove $16 ($9)
Tamrind Reef Resort $12 ($6)

From Frederiksted To…

1 or 2 Persons 3+ Persons
Carambola $27 ($11)
Christiansted $24 ($11)
Divi Carina Bay $36 ($18)

Public Transportation

VITRAN Buses serve the island with numerous routes, starting service at 5:30 am on weekdays, ending at 9:00 pm, starting later on weekends. If you are not in a hurry, you can tour the island for only $1, going between our two towns and to shopping centers (transfer at La Reine in mid-island). Call 778-0898 or 773-1664.
Alternate affordable ways of getting around are group taxi vans (marked Taxi) that ply many routes. Economy-minded visitors can pick up a ride from Christiansted to Frederiksted or reverse for $2.50, if they are willing to share with local riders. Departures are from the Market Square in Christiansted and Buddhoe Park in Frederiksted, but the vans can also be flagged down along the route.
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