VI Bridal Guide: Family Records

vi bridal guideWeddings, for the most part, are happy occasions planned as a way to bring old and new family together and celebrate love. However, they also serve another purpose. Weddings are ‘time stamps’ as well, meant to serve as a historical record for your family.
Through wedding photography, the event marks a space in our personal history. It shows where you were, who attended, the ages and stages of their lives as well as yours. When you look back on the images of your wedding a year later, 10 years later, 20 years later, for better or for worse, your reflections and relationship with your wedding day will be very different. The children that were babies at your wedding will have grown and your brother’s girlfriend may now be his wife. In the same respect, some of the guests and family that celebrated with you may have passed away and that one candid photo, of this departed person your photographer captured, now becomes tremendously significant to you and your family.
As a photographer, there are a million thoughts that run through my head when I shoot a wedding. From problem solving, technical equations, reading body language, to plain being engaging and personable to both my clients and their guests. My mind never stops running until we officially wrap for the evening. The one thing that drives my thoughts, decisions, and skills is the obligation I have to record a moment in your family’s history that can never be recreated again.
Myself and others have been rocked by news of death from people we have had the pleasure of photographing. It is never easy. However, it speaks to the importance of what we do and how serious our role as photographer is. Although I always have a blast, I understand what I am there to do and this is a responsibility I take seriously.
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Quiana L. Adams, Managing Editor

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