VI Bridal Guide: Go With the Flow

vi bridal guide“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – Robert Burns
On the day of the wedding, there is a sense of relief, coupled with a sense of anxiety, often felt most by the wedding couple. Relief because the wait is finally over–you can actually see the finish line. However, there can be an overwhelming sense of anxiety with so many things that must happen before you cross that finish line. Although everything has been precisely planned, put in place, confirmed and reconfirmed, destination weddings, particularly island destination weddings, lend themselves to a certain brand of unforeseen circumstances–things like unexpected downpours of rain, transportation delays, power outages, postal service delays, and the list goes on.
Whether your wedding plan goes ever so slightly off track or completely off the rails, it is important to remember one thing: What matters at the end of the day is that two become one. Weddings are only a celebration around one crucial occurrence, the marriage. I have photographed tons of weddings both large and small, and there is always a funny story of distress to tell. Stories of broken zippers, lost rings, lost luggage, lost packages, slow taxis, drunken relatives, feuding relatives, rain, flooding, etc. I say funny because, once you release yourself from the trauma of the distressing situation in front of you, all you can do is laugh at how silly it is and move on.
Perspective is key in times of distress. It is very easy to look at what is going wrong. However, remember we are in control of how we choose to tell our story. By changing your point of view to focus on the things that are going well, you may find it easier to go with the flow, have fun, and stay focused on the reason why we, dearly beloved are gathered here today. Perspective is powerful not only on the day of your wedding, but the health of your marriage as well. How will you choose to tell your story?
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Quiana L. Adams, Managing Editor

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