The Caribbean Coral Reef

By Peter Jackson, Coki Dive Center
snorkelercoki-fishcoki-fish“One of the main attractions to visitors from all over the globe are the Caribbean’s coral reefs surrounding the islands. These reefs are home and sanctuary to thousands of marine species. To snorkel and dive from white sandy beaches into the pristine waters that encompass the reefs is a magical experience. At a spot on the north side of ST Thomas such as Coki Beach you will be greeted by a school of colorful black and yellow Sargent Majors and vibrant Blue Tangs grazers of algae along with Parrotfish of various size and colors that designates their sex and ranking in their particular group. As you venture out in to slightly deeper water you will begin to see Yellow snappers rising up from the reef and below them, stationary trumpet fish staking small prey. If you were to scuba dive you would take note of Gray Angel fish or the more colorful yellow and black French Angels slowly swimming searching for the perfect sponge to feast on.
You might also dive past solitary fish such as the orange squirrel fish suspended under a coral out- cropping or black and white Juvenile High Hat with its impossibly long Dorsal fin dancing their special dance for no one but themselves.
Each coral reef is its own perfect, self-supporting ecosystem that houses a multitude of different species all interconnected and doing their part to sustain life on the reef all to be seen in the waters of ST Thomas.”
At Coki Dive Center, we offer Diving Certification and easy, accessible dives directly from the beach. For the more experienced and adventurous divers, we offer deeper dives from a variety of incredible dive sites around cays and reefs throughout the USVI.

Contact us at or at 340-775-4220 for further information or to book your first dive.

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