Meet Cover Artist Christa-Ann Davis Molloy

Artist Christa-Ann Davis Molloy“I am a daughter of the Caribbean, born in Trinidad, West Indies, but I have lived on St. Croix for the last 26 years.
Raised by both my parents, along with my 3 siblings, in a small village, I began to be interested in art and design by age 11 liking simply to sketch in pencil. I was first encouraged by my Mom to pursue my love for art– she also had that interest and applied her knowledge of art to decorating cakes; my father had a love for drafting.
Art was ever-present in my home as a child. My sister Neva, and my sons Dante and Tariq also love art and have encouraged me to continue painting along with Gary, Shivon, Rick and friends Jennifer, Dianne, Karabo, Reuben, Cynthia, Vincent, Kevin, Janasee, Lili, Natalie, Sandra, and Julie.
My early influences were the works of Knolly Greenidge, Marcia Jameson, Elroy Simmonds, Martin Superville, Paul Goodnight, Mary Whyte, Karen Sylvester and others. The late Betsy Campen, an awesome artist and teacher, was also a great mentor. I was lucky enough to be able to paint watercolor pieces with her for two years.
Even though I studied with Betsy Campen and also with Marcia Jameson, I now have to apply what I have learned. There are moments that you have to self-teach and experiment; I look forward to problem solving, with each new piece, striving to upgrade my techniques.
Aiming to be a photo-realist painter, my present interest is in visual art, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and ink, both in black and white and color. I like to paint portraits, old buildings, quadrille dancers, mocko jumbies, dancers from around the world, patterns/designs in clothing within the painting, local and Caribbean scenes/events and historical pictures.
My favorite mediums are watercolor and oil. Watercolor allows me to use precision, learned from my love for Mathematics–there is little room for error. The colors are so vibrant, and I enjoy placing one over the other observing the effect of overlay. Oil gives me the opportunity to blend colors; as it dries slowly, I enjoy doing portraits with this medium.
Even though I am the Assistant Principal at the Department of Education, Elena Christian Junior High School, and previously taught high school Mathematics, I am now in my 5th year of painting professionally. My 2 solo shows were at Fort Frederik and at Caravelle Hotel and Casino. In January, I exhibited at the annual Artist Guild Show and February 17 – 20 I will show at the Agriculture and Food Fair; I usually participate in the Mango Melee in July at the St. George Village Botanical Garden.
You can see my work at Christa’s Art Gallery in La Grande Princesse (by appointment), Sweet Lime Furnishings, Constitution Hill, Undercover Books, Gallows Bay, and Hotel on the Cay, Christiansted. My work can also be viewed on my website and Facebook page. I am now featuring my artwork on shower curtains, pillows, bed scarves and more and will have 12 Limited-Edition Transfer Centennial pieces celebrating this momentous occasion in the USVI.
I like the idea that I can create conversations and bring out the rich experiences of Caribbean life at the same time. Painting takes me to a place of comfort, relaxation, creativity, innovation, humility, and joy. I am truly thankful for this talent, and I am humbled by the interest that individuals have shown in my work over the years. I must thank everyone who has viewed my work or has purchased a piece of my art. I want my art to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your home.”
Christa-Ann Davis Molloy
(340) 513-8581

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