Meet Cover Artist Laurie Ingersoll

Meet Cover Artist Laurie Ingersoll“Creating art is a passion for me whether it be acrylic on canvas, plein air water colors or pencil illustrations for my children’s books. I have doodled and drawn as long as I can remember and I am happiest while creating. A keen observer of the world around me, I have always been fascinated with and delighted by the wonders of nature. My art is a celebration of that wonder, utilizing form, color and rhythm to reflect my enthusiasm and joy. I learn something new from each painting as it evolves. I am on a creative journey of endless possibilities. I like to experiment with a variety of styles from carefully constructed geometrics to loose, organic shapes depending on my mood and subject matter. The color is the most important element for me. I prefer rich, pure, exuberant pigments which visually vibrate and come to life when placed strategically in proximity of one another.
My background is in the sciences rather than the arts, I was a bio-chemistry major with a love of art. There is surprising synergy between the two disciplines and I am often reminded of their harmony. I am a colorist in that I am viscerally affected by colors and hues and scientifically can relate to their energy levels and vibrations. I take Color Theory and play with it, experimenting with various painting techniques to see how the pure, vibrant colors interact and evolve. Being drawn to rich, pure, exuberant pigments, I have long been intrigued by the Fauve movement of the early 1900s when painters like Matisse, Seurat and Cezanne turned Modern Art on its head with bold experiments in color.
After raising three daughters, I taught at a wonderful Montessori school outside of Boston for many years and began to give art classes after school. I love the unself-conscious way children create art. It inspired me to become more experimental with my own art. I also have used art to help troubled students for whom words were elusive. I was trained in Expressive Art Therapy and have used it with many types of groups from teens at risk to breast cancer survivors. It is a lovely reminder of the healing power of art and the neuroscience which shows creativity improves brain function.
I have lived many places, including Asia, but I moved down to St. Croix in 2013 to realize the dream of an island life while working on my paintings and books. I saw the need for well-illustrated, fun, engaging books to encourage early readers. I completed that series about a mouse named Moose and a cat named Mouse and have now added an autistic bird named Otis to the newest book. I also have a series of fairy books which are a big hit, especially in England. The books come to me almost fully formed and rhyming. It is delightful to be able to spend my days surrounded by whimsical animals and fairies and to bring them to life. They seem to appeal to the child in all of us!
I find inspiration everywhere I look and am delighted by the many artists on St. Croix. I was a founding member, then president, of the Artists Guild of St. Croix and have had the opportunity to paint with and learn from many terrifically talented people. The STX community is so welcoming and encouraging to new artists. It is a special creative community, growing every day.
My newest endeavor is making inroads in the Florida art community having just relocated to the Orlando area. This will enable me to grow my art business as well as get involved with local schools to share my books and encourage youngsters to read, write, and create. I will never truly give up my St. Croix roots; this special island is now an integral part of me and my art.
People often remark that my paintings make them happy. I hope that my vibrant, full-of-life art invites the viewer to look at subjects in a new light and to share my enthusiasm for the wonders around us all.
Meet Cover Artist Laurie IngersollMy art is presently available at the Blue Mutt and Top Hat Gallery and L’Etoile Bar above the gallery. It is in collections in Houston, NYC, Chicago, LA, and Boston and will be available online on my new website: Recent works are featured on Instagram:, Facebook and Twitter. My books are available on Amazon and at”

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