Meet Cover Artist Zuhrisha Jacobs

“I, a true Caribbean woman, was born to parents from neighboring Caribbean islands who migrated to St. Croix in search of enriching their lives. As a Crucian native I have become well known for creating unique, artistic and delectable fruit creations. Emerging from humble beginnings, I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of cultivating and nurturing my skills right here beneath the warmth of St. Croix’s sun, and in the gentle breeze of our local trade winds.
Meet Cover Artist Zuhrisha JacobsAs a youth, I worked alongside my mother, a native of Tortola, who was known for her “green thumb” cultivating fruits, vegetables and various other crops. These crops were nurtured, watered, and would later be harvested for sale at St. Croix’s Annual Agricultural Fair. My father is a business owner from Antigua. Working with him at his local laundry mat, gave me hands-on training into the amount of work and effort it takes to be an entrepreneur.
Growing up in the hills and valleys of Little Fountain, I enjoyed venturing with neighborhood friends throughout the area in search of fruits to sell and to eat. We never missed a fruit that was in season: Mangos, Guinep, Locust Tamarind, Passion Fruit, Gooseberry and Jo-Jo, just to name a few. My favorite fruit would be found among the pages of Virgin Islands history as the major cash crop of these islands and in my very own backyard. That’s right, I’m speaking of none other than The Sugar Cane. It was a toe-curling experience for me to go out, chop, peel and eat a tender long joint cane.
A bit later in life, hair braiding became a craft from the age of 8. I also played with Alfredo Andrews’ Blazers throughout 5th and 6th grade and played at tournaments against other elementary/junior high schools throughout the U.S.V.I. After my 7th grade school year at the John H. Woodson Junior High School, I lived in New York City for a year after a 3-month trip with my mother to Ghana, West Africa.
I was back in St. Croix by the beginning of my 9th grade school year at the Education Complex High School. Where I gained vocational skills in computer systems, agriculture, and accounting. After graduating in 2002, I joined the U.S. Navy and toured overseas to Guam, Saipan, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and China. Following my tours, and during a brief residency in Southern California, I learned to incorporate a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in my daily diet, before returning home to St. Croix in 2008. As a result, I am very health conscious, and maintain a diet mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I encourage others to do the same. I soon desired to see and even encourage others eat healthfully. In fact, I am known to family and friends as the watchful eye making sure everyone has lots of colorful fruits and veggies on their plates.
In October of 2013, my co-worker’s birthday was fast approaching and various gift ideas were battling for supremacy. In an effort to make that birthday gift unique, I decided to offer something unusual and edible. The gift created was a variety melon skewer, which was both beautiful and nutritious. That variety melon skewer unveiled a passion hidden deep inside: turning fruit into edible art. That passion gave birth to Edible Eden Designz (EED).
I am often asked about my visions and goals with EED and I would like people to know: My vision in forming Edible Eden Designz was to create works of art inspired by nature, and to blend them with the natural beauty rooted in the culture of the VI. My goals are to simply stimulate the senses by creating new and innovative ways to see fruit, evoke emotions, and of course encourage more fruit consumption. Furthermore, I hope that my creations encourage us to cherish the blessings of the earth in its simplest form as brought to us by Mother-Nature.
Since 2013, I have created dozens of unique pieces for family, friends and other groups. The positive feedback that I have received has nurtured my creative passion into full bloom and has ignited a desire to take fruit carving, as we know it, to a higher level. These mouthwatering images are of the VI’s favorite canvases and are available for purchase via postcards, bookmarks, mousepads, calendars, wall decor and other variations to come as the inspiration presents itself.”
Meet Cover Artist Zuhrisha JacobsZuhrisha Jacobs

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