Buying in the VI Made Easy

by Amy Land-de Wilde
So many of the buyers we have the pleasure of working with start the process of owning their dream property in paradise before ever coming to St. Croix. They find us through one of our many online sites and email us from the comfort of their stateside homes. That starts the dialogue that sometimes either goes on for years, as our mainland friends solidify their plans, or happens mere days before their arrival on St. Croix. We find out all the particulars of their island dream property, so we can start sending properties directly from our MLS in preparation for their arrival. Then, through constant communication, we narrow to properties that fit best to make good use of their valuable time here. Everything for sale on St. Croix is multiple listed, so it’s easy to search in one place for what’s available. And sometimes, someone like you may already be on island and decide they want to start their search right away!
Spending time with our buyers and showing them what we love about the island is a labor of love for us. In fact, we still have those “AH-HA” moments every day because of the beauty and sharing those never gets old! During our time together, we often get questions like, “Which part of the island is the best?” Here’s our answer: Whichever part you fall in love with! If you ask ten transplanted residents which part of St. Croix is the best, you’ll get different answers and it probably won’t help you at all! We definitely recommend renting a car and discovering all our gems for yourself, between visits to specific properties with us. The island will speak to you!
Buying in the VI Made EasyAnd after finding the perfect property for you, we start the offer process. We have board-approved contracts, and the offer to purchase IS the contract. It’s a one-step process. Our contracts include standard clauses about clear title, property inspections and mortgage contingencies.
After you have an accepted offer, we help you navigate through the process of the transaction every step of the way. We have the on-island resources to recommend inspectors, engineers, builders, mortgage lenders and attorneys, or anything you might need from this part of the process until long after closing.
It might surprise you to learn that you don’t even have to be here for your closing! These days, most transactions are closed by attorneys, with no principals present. And that might be something different here than in your neck of the woods. We know that in many areas closings happen with title companies, but not here. Most Buyers do decide to purchase title insurance for their property (it’s not mandatory without a bank loan), and that it generally is done through the closing process with the attorney.
If you have more questions about buying, or you already own and you’d like an assessment of your property’s market value, please be in touch! We’ll always get back to you right away.
The high-touch, high-tech professionals at Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty will always go the extra mile for you. You are our top priority. Because we constantly expand our education in the field and keep up with the latest real estate trends and technology, our data is accurate and up-to-date. We’ve got island know-how and lots of resources to make things easy for you. Count on us to guide you through all of your real estate desires, whether it’s buying, selling or leasing property on St. Croix.
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