VI Bridal Guide: Welcome to Wedding Project Management

vi bridal guide - Welcome to Wedding Project ManagementGetting married is an exercise in project management. At some point in the planning process everything must be managed, from the budget to the guest lists and even, at times, your emotions. The business side of weddings can be grueling because, simply put, it’s not the fun part.
Contracts, payments, scheduling, assigning, ordering, etc. can feel all-consuming. There are so many moving parts to be organized, often in a short period of time, while also balancing regular life. This, accompanied with the pop cultural notion that everything has to be perfect because this is supposed to be the happiest day of your entire life… is enough to drive anyone crazy.
The business end of weddings can be a source of grief. It’s much more exciting to think about the fun stuff like the colors, the theme, the dress, the flowers, vendor selection, and how all of it will look in the photos. Who cares how the proverbial sausage is made when all you can think about is how good it will look on the plate!
Although your new role as wedding project manager does require a great deal of your time and attention, there is one thing you can do to lighten your planning load along the way. When selecting your vendors, be sure to hire professionals instead of for-hires. What does this mean? Professionals are proven. They come recommended, have clear policies and procedures, are familiar with your market, have a web and/or social media presence, and are responsive.
Professional vendors have the ability to expertly address your questions or concerns, anticipate your needs, and can offer advice/recommendations based on their expertise thus putting you at ease while inspiring confidence. When you work with professionals, particularly when hosting a destination wedding, vendor confidence is paramount to your overall experience.
If your budget doesn’t allow you to fully outfit your crew with professional vendors, never fear. In my next installment, I will discuss budgets – YAY!
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Quiana L. Adams, Managing Editor

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